Supertramp - Paris (1980)

It’s another enjoyable rock concert by Supertramp. With my unfamiliarity of who’s who in the band I also enjoy this live album especially on the live vibes generated from the concert. It seems thousands of crowd who watched the band on stage were really enjoyin the show and the band communicate very well with them – in France, of course. The opening track “School” is not a song I’m familiar with but it’s a nice song with great piano and woodwind, combined with clear lead vocals. As the sleeve says this tour has been a hard one – 108 shows so far; you can imagine how tiring the tour was. But when it comes into recorded materials I don’t see any deficiency of the band performing their music. In fact, this concert sounds like a studio album because the sonic quality is top notch!

The second track “Ain’t Nobody But Me” is another enjoyable track combining saxophone and woodwinds in the body of the music that make this composition is rich in textures. Guitar work which resembles classic rock style is also another interesting part. During the break the band communicate with the crowd :”Bonjeur Paris!”. Next is the famous “The Logical Song” which is performed excellently and applauded by the crowd. The opening part of this song, where vocal and piano are combined together is really nice. “Bloody Well Right” demonstrates some exploration of the band’s music into jazz style through the use of piano. Nice piano solo. “Breakfast In America” is my favorite and it’s performed excellently here.

Disc Two starts with a bit of piano improvisations on “Dreamer” continued beautifully with “Rudy”. “A Soapbox Opera” has a catchy melody accentuated with piano work and excellent vocal. There is a bit flavor of symphonic style here plus female choirs in the middle of the track. “Asylum” continues the music with piano-based composition whereby the piano sound is like a clavinet. It flows nicely to “Take The Long Way Home”. “Fool’s Overture” is the longest duration song with excellent piano and keyboard work at the opening part. Am not quite sure from which album this song is but for sure, if I look at the structure and style, this is definitely a prog one. The music flows beautifully with piano as main rhythm section and powerful vocal brings the music into multi verses with different moods. It’s really a beautifully composed music – I’m wandering how the studio version sounds like? I’d better find out for comparison.

It’s definitely a good live concert album with excellent sonic quality, beautiful composition with nice melody. Keep on proggin’ ..!

Peace on earth and mercy mild – GW - Review by Gatot (Gatot Widayanto)

Track Listings

Side 1
1. School (5:20)
2. Ain't nobody but Me (4:53)
3. The Logical song (3:41)
4. Bloody Well Right (6:11)
Side 2
5. Breakfeast in america (2:36)
6. You start Laughing (3:52)
7. Hide in your Shell (6:36)
8. From now On (6:44)
Side 3
9. Dreamer (3:15)
10. Rudy (6:51)
11. A soapbox Opera (4:33)
12. Asylum (6:41)
Side 4
13. Take the long way Home (4:35)
14. Fools Overture (10:14)
15. Two of Us (1:23)
16. Crime of the Century (6:14)

Total Time: 83:43

- Roger Hodgson / guitar, keyboards, vocals
- Rick Davies / keyboards, vocals
- John Helliwell / saxophone, vocals
- Bob Siebenberg / drums
- Dougie Thompson / bass

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