Supertramp - Breakfast in America (1979)

"Breakfast in America" is one of the most catchy and popular album that Supertramp made. The excellent sax parts are not so omnipresent. There are tons of catchy & rhythmic piano. The very varied and well recorded rhythmic guitar occupies an important role; there are also some excellent catchy & melodic electric guitar solos. The drums and bass enhance the rhythmic provided by the keyboards and the guitars. The lead & backing vocals are ABSOLUTELY addictive and memorable: the silly highly pitched backing vocals slightly remind me the ones on the Frank Zappa's "Zoot allures" album. There is still the omnipresent hammering Wurlitzer piano, the Supertramp's trademark! The sound is fresh, and ALL the tracks are excellent. It seems there are some excellent background strings arrangements, like on "The logical song". The track "Breakfast in America" has some subtle clarinet & unidentified tenor brass instrument. "Take a long way home" has catchy harmonica parts, rhythmic piano and organ parts; again, some string arrangements are in the background. "Lord is it mine" is a bit more melancholic than the other songs. "Just another nervous wreck" has en excellent electric guitar solo accompanied by ambient floating organ. The more mellow "Casual conversation" has some discrete percussion parts in the beginning, sounding like a vibraphone; this track is a bit less lively and more low profile than the other ones. The last track, "Child of vision", is probably the most progressive one: WOW! The powerful backing vocals chanting "Child of vision" of the refrain is SUPERB; the fast hammering Wurlitzer piano, the crystal clear piano solo and the background keyboards are delightful, well supported by the drums and bass. This record is maybe barely progressive, but who cares, when nothing bad can be said about it? - Review by greenback

Track Listings

1. Gone Hollywood
2. The Logical Song
3. Goodbye Stranger
4. Breakfast In America
5. Oh Darling
6. Take The Long Way Home
7. Lord Is It Mine
8. Just Another Nervous Wreck
9. Casual Conversations
10. Child Of Vision

Total Time: 45:57

- Rick Davies / vocals and keyboards
- Roger Hodgson / vocals, keyboards and guitars
- John A. Helliwell / woodwind instruments
- Dougie Thomson / bass
- Bob C. Benberg / drums
Releases information

LP A&M Records AMLK63708 (1979)
CD A&M Records (USA) 493349 (2002)


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