Garybaldi - Nuda (1972)

Excellent album with simply and direct songs that they allow us to appreciate the style of "Bambi" P.N. Fossati, that not only sound like Hendrix (in every sense) but it sings also like Hendrix!!! Therefore "Maya Desnuda" and "Decomposizione, Preludio E Pace" are excellent for to comprise how much "Bambi" is clone of Hendrix, we discover that it is clone of Hendrix also in the voice in "26 Febbraio 1700" or in "L'Ultima Graziosa". But... And the other musicians? They make their part and Lio Marchi demonstrates of being an optimal keyboarder in the suite "Moretto Da Brescia". "Nuda" is a very good Rock album but little Prog. More album of this genre are very psychedelic. Not this "Nuda". Because the Garybaldi head to produce a catchy music and that it must last in the time. And even if "Bambi" does not know to sing knows to make to sing the guitar very well (better than Hendrix?). Even composing simple music and much delicate but much effective.

Aged very well, "Nuda" demonstrates as the Italian Prog is music extremely important and difficult to judge."Nuda" isn't a masterpiece but it is listened to as it was a masterpiece. And this is an extreme good merit. - Review by Mandrakeroot (Andrea Salvador)

Track Listings

1. Maya Desnuda (6:08)
2. Decomposizione, Preludio E Pace (1:55)
3. 26 Febbraio 1700 (7:20)
4. L'Ultima Graziosa (5:22)
5. Moretto Da Brescia:
- a. Goffredo (6:15)
- b. Il Giardino Del Re (9:16)
- c. Dolce Come Sei Tu (5:19)

Total Time: 41:35

- Bambi Fossatti / guitars, vocals
- Angelo Traverso / bass
- Maurizio Cassinelli / drums, vocals
- Lio Marchi / keyboards
Releases information

LP CGD FGL 5513 (1972)
CD CGD 75262-2 (1992)


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