Don't be deceived by the Roger Dean-like cover art on this one. German band EILIFF was like no other contemporary band playing progressive music in the early seventies. These recordings were taken from a Cologne radio show called "Nachtmusik" which was aired on Nov. 10, 1972. Everything from SOFT MACHINE to early KING CRIMSON can be heard here albeit with much more force and with tinges of Eastern European free-form jazz. The technical prowess of the individual musicians is aptly demonstrated on the highlight track "Hallimasch" which is a free for all blow out jam which features some interesting changes and great Hammond Organ and sax interaction culminating with a crazed psychedelic guitar solo from Persian born guitarist Houshang Nejadepour. Two other tracks are also adventurous interpretations of compositions taken from their album "Girlrls" while "Lilybaeum" was a track which never made it on to a studio album. Fans of bands like SOFT MACHINE, Miles Davis' Bitches Brew sessions and VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR will not be dissapointed with this excellent live performance from this esoteric and overlooked band.

Live, released in 1999

Track Listings

1. Lilybaeum (4:47)
2. Girlrls (18:47)
3. Hallimasch (15:12)
4. Journey To The Ego (7:45)

Total Time: 46:31


- Bill Brown / bass
- Rainer Brüninghaus / keyboards
- Herbert J. Kalveram / saxophone
- Detlev Landmann / drums
- Houschäng Nejadepour / guita, sitar

Releases information

CD Garden of Delights GOD036 (1999 Germany)
recorded in 1972 at Westdeutscher Rundfunk Cologne



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