A truly nice effort. After the excellent but very underrated Crisis ? What Crisis ?, Supertramp ran into a more late-seventies-rock-sounding approach and developed their sonority, that would reach a peak (not only in sound quality but also commercially) in the next album, the platinum Breakfast in America. Even... is a beautiful album, with lenghty and inspired tracks. There is a spiritual mood in some aspects, that differs from the seventies-rock'roll-like Crisis... Hodgson and Davies appears equally troughout the album and their compositions seems to be equal in many technical aspects (altough some Davies' lyrics look much more well structured). The pianos and the drums are sounding much more late-seventies, and it means more pop-oriented prog than in the previous albums. No problems with it. The tracks are really solid and there are lots of fun among the seven tracks of this pearl. The opening and very catchy "Give a Little Bit", a 70's classic, show us Hodgson at his best, as a singer and as a pop-rock composer. The track is a big hit to open the album and roll the carpet to the follow-up track, "Lover Boy", a typical Davies piano- driven track that is not that much but it's almost impossible to avoid the nice lyrics. The majestic "Even in the Quietest Moments" is the third track. A delightful tune, with a bucolic atmosphere (birds, water..) followed by a nice acoustic guitar and a very 70's-prog-like rhythm that allow all members to join Hodgson's acoustic-basis and build a powerful track. A masterpiece. "Downstream" is a piano-bar tune by Davies, very gentle and harmful. Babaji is simply intense in its spiritual context and Hodgson's emotive vocals fits perfectly in this mood. "From now On" is one of Davies-favorite-fan-tunes and it's really good. A hit and a Supertramp obligatory-live-act. Nice piano and winds. "Fools overture" is a lenghty track with some different sections and good moments. There is a synthesizer here and there and the vocal in the middle, leaded by Hodgson, is superb. The track is a strong effort to make a basic pure progressive tune but it seems to be a little bit repetitive, altough having two or three moments of pure virtuosism. Even... is a definitive Supertramp record and a essential step to start knowing the discography of this excellent band. - Review by rguabiraba (Rodrigo Guabiraba)

Track Listings

Side 1
1. Give a little bit (4:07)
2. Lover Boy (6:49)
3. Even in the Quietest moment (6:39)
4. Downstream (4:00)

Side 2
5. Babaji (4:49)
6. From now On (6:10)
7. Fool's Overture (10:51)

Total Time: 39:25

- Roger Hodgson / vocals, keyboards, guitars
- Rick Davies / vocals, keyboards
- Dougie Thomson / bass
- John Anthony Helliwell / wind Instruments, vocals
- Bob C. Benberg / drums, percussion
Releases information

LP A&M Records AMLK64634 (1977)
CD A&M Records (USA) 493348 (2002)


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old time music, thanks for it, beautifully written and played, merci.. redman

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