Petrus Castrus - Mestre (1973)

Band with Castro brothers and Júlio Pereira (who released the albums later: Bota fora - 1975 and Fernandinho vai ao vinho - 1976). Generally, they are considered symphonic prog. However, this album is Art Rock to me. I will say why. Mestre (Lord) is a three stars album in prog terms (Good, but non-essential), because it don't have long solos nor long symphonic pieces. It's a good album with short songs speaking about the political context in Portugal. So you have to know the historic context in that time in Portugal before listen this album, specially if you don't understand portuguese language. Because the lyrics, this album was forbidden by three months by portuguese censorship comission. In fact, the lyrics are very critical and good. And about the style of songs? They are various. The first song, Mestre, begins like: "Lord, nothing new under the sun, nothing just under the skies..." This song clearly is from people from exile. They have also some rock and jazz directed songs: S.A.R.L. (3:19), Velho Avarento (1:26), Pátria amada (4:02), Macaco (1:50). These last two songs remember that old jazz with clarinete from Louis Armstrong and Scott Joplin. País Relativo (4:40), História do azul do mar (2:49), Tiahuanaco (5:53) and Mestre (5:41) are more progressive tracks, with change of styles and some guitar solos. Porque (2:13), Pasárgada (3:28), Só mais nada (0:43) are more soft with keyboards. This last one closes the album singing: "It's maybe the last day of my life..." So if you like protest songs, but with very intelligent poetry and good music, remember Mestre by Petrus Castrus. - Review by Prog-Brazil (Flávio M. de O. Zimmermann)

Track Listings

Side 1:
1. Mestre
2. Pátria amada
3. Porque
4. País Relativo
5. Macaco

Side 2:
1. S.A.R.L.
2. Pasárgada
3. Velho Avarento
4. Tiahuanaco
5. História do azul do mar
6. Só mais nada

No track or album length available

- Pedro Castro / Bass
- José Castro / Keyboards, Vocals
- Rui Reis / Piano, Organ
- Júlio Pereira / Guitars
- João Seixas / Drums
- José Mário / Xylophone
Releases information

LP / Sassetti. 1973


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