Semente - Semente (1999)

Very good and original brazillian prog-band!!! Their first and unique album is from 1976, but recorded in 1998. I found this piece in Florianópolis/Brazil (where I live) in an old book and CD store by 4 reais (a little more than 1 dollar)!!! What a luck!!! The first song is an instrumental beautiful work. It begins with Benchimol’s flute, strong sounds and wonderful harmony. “Insanidade” (insanity) is singing by Márcia, talking about dream/reality human reflexions. “Ninfa Azul” (Blue Nymph) evidently refers to old myth with Benchimol’s voice. More than 11 minutes of rock, blues, space rock… in a word: a real progressive rock! One more female vocal: “Novas Forças” (New forces), and the final one: “Mundo Guerreiro” (Warrior world): female and male vocals, debating in a background flute, saxophone and mellotron. Very recommended to symphonic prog-rocks fans! I’m waiting for a second album… Four stars. Five goes only to classics like Genesis, Yes and Elp. By the way, Benchimol has a solo career. If you have interest, there are three songs to free download on Enjoy!!! - Review by Prog-Brazil (Flávio M. de O. Zimmermann)

Track Listings

1. Semente (6:49)
2. Insanidade (6:31)
3. Ninfa Azul (11:39)
4. Novas Forças (8:14)
5. Mundo Guerreiro (8:35)

Tptal Time: 41:48

- Sergio Benchimol / bass, guitar solo, violao de aco e 12 cordas, traverse flute, sax tenor, piano, mellotron, vocals
- Alexandre Kosinski / guitar solo, violao cigano
- Pedro Kosinski / baixo, piano, orgao, mellotron, moog, vocals
- Mario Carvalho / drums, vocals
- Marcia Kosinski / vocals
Releases information

Self production


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