It is always a rare treat when gifted artists come together for a project, and this collaboration between two of rocks' most influential guitarists fulfills that promise and creates just the right blend of rhythmic mastery with atmospheric minimalism. Robert Fripp and Andy Summers guise the music in neutral colors and subdued garb without losing intensity on 'I Advance Masked', a true partnership wherein both players contributed equally, each only adding something to a moment of music if necessary. The result is an unselfish record of constant forward movement and sonic wonders, especially for 1982.

The driving title track sets the pace and we're off on a special trip. 'In the Cloud Forest' slows things with warbles, quavers, the chimes of Summers and piercing round notes of Fripp. Though vaguely reminiscent of both 1980s King Crimson and the Police, 'I Advance Masked' is an animal all its own, never imitating or taking from the two men's other bands. 'New Marimba' pulses and 'Girl on a Swing' is a nice respite with gentle chord washes and a beautiful solo from Fripp. 'Hardy Country' refreshes the tempo and the adventures in modulation that are such a part of this session. 'The Truth of Skies' moves into darker realms, 'Painting and Dance' teases with mathematic counterpoint and 'Still Point' thrills with an urgent rhythm and great lead.

A challenging record from start to finish, it can be both carefully listened to or relegated to 'background' music and still satisfy both needs. Very pleasing and a great stater for 'texture-rock'. - Review by Atavachron (David)

Track Listings

1. I Advance Masked (5:12)
2. Under Bridges of Silence (1:42)
3. China - Yellow Leader (7:09)
4. In The Cloud Forest (2:30)
5. New Marimba (3:38)
6. Girl On A Swing (2:04)
7. Hardy Country (3:02)
8. The Truth of Skies (2:06)
9. Painting and Dance (3:25)
10. Still Point (3:07)
11. Lakeland / Aquarelle (1:43)
12. Seven On Seven (1:37)
13. Stultified (1:28)

Total Time 78:12

- Robert Fripp & Andy Summers / electric guitars, Roland & Moog synthesizers, various percussion
Releases information

A&M 75021 4913 2 UK 1982


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