Panta Rhei - Bartok (1977)

A very interesting rare recording, it is a symphonic prog album mainly driven by a hammond organ, bass guitar and drums, as the previous reviewer stated, and done in a same kind of way as ELP, it is so much ELP sounding, you'd think it is by ELP, Panta Rhei could by a Hungarian ELP clone, a superb prog album, never seen the light of day, as Bartok's family refused to give PR permission to release this on record back in 1977, though some recordings are recorded between 1976 and 77, also features loads of synths too.

A suberb album consisting of Bartok's works, it is possible to listen to this album, but not avalable on any physical recordings ie, vinyl, tape or cd etc.

A must listen for Emerson, Lake and Palmer fans, you will love this one, if you are an ELP fanatic.

A shame this album is not avalable to buy as a album, one of the rarest albums I ever heard!! - Review by PROGMAN

Track Listings

1. Quarts
2. Harlequin
3. Rumanian Dances
4. Dance Suite (live)
5. Ostinato (live)
6. Allegro Barbaro (live)

- Kalman Matolcsy / keyboards
- Alex Szalay / guitar
- Andras Szalay/ bass
- Eniko Acs / vocals
- Csaba Beke / drums
Releases information

All the pieces are Bartok adaptations, some from the Microcosmos. Ostinato, Allegro Barbaro and Dance Suite were recorded live.

Bartok is currently not avalable.


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