Jethro Tull - Stormwatch (1979)

Having only rated Passion Play with 2* I feel I owe this long-time (semi)favourite band a more grateful review too. My favourite albums are Minstrel in the Gallery and Thick as a Brick, but Stormwatch is less reviewed plus it seems to divide opinions: "directionless", some say. For me the band's best era surely includes this one (but ends with it). At this time the line-up was under changes - the re-issue tells how for example Ian Anderson had to play bass on most tracks. But I don't hear any problems. There are clearly less folk elements than on 2 preceding albums but the sound is still as good: crisp, clever, bold, lively, and here and there even the best that Tull has ever produced. Ian's flute doesn't let you down, and David Palmer has done gorgeous orchestral arrangement in 'Elegy'.

There are great compositions and mediocre ones. I don't have any close relationship with three or four songs but those that I enjoy make it into my all-time favourites: 'Old Ghosts' is a symphonic uptempo song with delicious embroidery of flute, piano and acoustic guitar. 'Dun Ringill' is a wonderful little song that makes you shiver "as the white sea snaps". 'Home' is a passionate and majestic one, 'Elegy' a very beautiful classical-style instrumental.

My dearest Tull song is without a hesitation 'Flying Dutchman'. It has a powerful sense of drama, I can't help but float up and down with its waves. Stormwatch is an enjoyable four-star album, even if a bit uneven. I have always liked the cover too (better on the backside, including a polar bear), it fits the music well. The bonus tracks on the re-issue are worth hearing. - Review by Matti (Matti P.)

Track Listings

1. North Sea Oil (3:11)
2. Orion (3:58)
3. Home (2:45)
4. Dark Ages (9:14)
5. Warm Sporran (3:35)
6. Something's On The Move (4:27)
7. Old Ghosts (4:23)
8. Dun Ringill (2:42)
9. Flying Dutchman (7:45)
10. Elegy (3:34)

Total Time: 43:54

Bonus tracks on remaster (2004):
11. A Stitch In Time (3:40)
12. Crossword (3:38)
13. Kelpie (3:37)
14. King Henry's Madrigal (3:01)

- Ian Anderson / flute, acoustic guitar, bass, vocals
- Martin Barre / electric guitar, mandolin, classical guitar
- Barriemore Barlow / drums, percussion
- John Glascock / bass, vocals (plays on tracks 2, 9 and 10)
- John Evans / piano, organ
- David Palmer / synthesizers, portative organ, orchestral arrangements

Guest musician:
- Francis Wilson / spoken word on track 8
Releases information

LP Chrysalis 1238 (1979)
CD Chrysalis/EMI (2004 remaster)


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