Mythos - Concrete City (1979)

This evening I was visited by a friend who had put lots of interesting, often rare LP's on CD for me. Here is one surprising 'heavy progressive rock' effort by German band Mythos. Their music on this album (six tracks, running time at about 34 minutes) is a blend of harder edged guitar work and spacey/electronic sounding keyboards featuring some fascinating music (like Flamenco Bay with a dreamy climate and pleasant vintage keyboards) with some hints from Focus (flute sound in Harry chanceless), Hawkwind (raw,propulsive guitar chords and spacey synthesizers) and Jane (fiery electric guitar and strings) but in general it sounds quite unique. For me this album is an entertaining progrock experience (except the boring song Ulysses B. Smart), no more or less, rated with 2,5 stars. - Review by erik neuteboom (erik neuteboom)

Track Listings

1. Harry chanceless (5:06)
2. Concrete city (5:25)
3. Flamenco bay (5:36)
4. Neutron bomb (7:02)
5. Ulysses B. Smart (6:02)
6. Yukon (5:29)

Total Time: 34:40

- Sven Dohrow / guitar, Mellotron
- Stephan Kaske / vocals, flute, synths
- Ronnie Schreinzer / drums
- Eberhard P. Seidler / bass
+ Leonore Morvaya / vocals (5)
Releases information

Venus V79 MY-B 1012 LP RE on Spalax


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