Frumpy - By The Way (1972)

Another band that colored my childhood, Frumpy, is now included here. Well, I never considered that this would be featured here even though I really enjoyed this album. The key driving force was Inga Rumpf with the powerful vocal and stunning guitar work. Inga also the driving force that characterized the music of Atlantis. "Singing Song" was once a big hit in my country with some radios broadcasted the song on regular basis. The song has a very nice combination of blues and rock music and a touch of pop as well. The opening part which comprises acoustic guitar rhythm with vocal moves in crescendo into heavier part with stunning guitar work and Kravetz pulsating keyboards. Bass guitar plays important role as well. The title track "By The Way" is a rocker with blues touch, performede energetically by the band, with high energy. Again, Inga's unique vocal has added key musical characteristic of this album. I always treat that this is a classic rock outfit that was successful at its period. You might find this album nothing intensive about prog elements, but for sure this CD is one of my favorite classic rock albums, including Bloodrock 1,2,3 and Typstich. It's pity if Frumpy is included here while Bloodrock and Atlantis are not. Keep on proggin' ..! - Review by Gatot (Gatot Widayanto)

Track Listings

1. Goin' To The Country (3:40)
2. By The Way (8:51)
3. Singing Songs (7:02)
4. I'm Afraid Big Moon (6:25)
5. Release (8:50)
6. Keep On Going (5:25)

Total Time 39:33

- Inga Rumpf / vocals, guitar
- Jean-Jacques Kravetz / keyboards
- Karl Heinz Schott / bass
- Carsten Bohn / drums

Releases information

LP / Vertigo / 1972
(Remastered by Repertoire Records in 2001)


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