The definitive Canterbury Bassist Hugh Hopper (Richard Sinclair is close 2nd !!) joined forces with Keyboarder Alan Gowen for this stunning Masterpiece - yep, it's absolutely amazing as to what a few keyboards/synths and a bass guitar are capable of in the right hands. Hugh has developed many unusual recording techniques for his instrument, most noticeably his high-speed bass lines, which were originally recorded in 'real time' whilst the master-tape was running at half-speed, or less - in an e-mail from the man himself he described this process as "soporific and very psychedelic". Gowen is a truly gifted Keyboarder which, sadly, time has deprived us of way too early (he died from Leukaemia on May 17, 1981) but at least has left behind a legacy of recorded work, from Gilgamesh, National Health, and various collaborations along the way with many of his Canterbury colleagues, most of which are superb. This 1980 release - of which I am only familiar with tracks 1-7 (original vinyl LP) - mostly generate a very intimate atmosphere, typically Canterbury, mellow, jazz inflected tunes, but truly progressive, with multi-layered Basses (clean tone, fuzz tone, high-speed etc.) and Alan's choice of keys ; Mini-Moogs and Fender Rhodes, also a little acoustic piano here and there. Some of the 'songs' are truly reflective and deep. The sound from track to track is generally similar, but the moods vary. Highlights are definately 'Morning Order', 'Two Rainbows Daily' and 'Waltz for Nobby'. Both musicians shine. If you were to 'judge a book by its cover', just look at Hopper's stunning cover art - the music here is just as abstract, and in the most intelligent way. Superb, essential, must-have music - I can't see it any other way. - Review by Tom Ozric

Track Listings

1. Seen Through a Door (5:54)
2. Morning Order (6:32)
3. Fishtank 1 (4:56)
4. Two Rainbows Daily (4:14)
5. Elibom (5:04)
6. Every Silver Lining (5:23)
7. Waltz for Nobby (9:07)
8. Chunka's Troll (4:03)
9. Little Dream (5:16)
10. Soon to Fly (4:03)
11. Bracknell Ballad (4:10)
12. Stopes Change (3:25)

Total Time: 66:10

- Alan Gowen / keyboards
- Hugh Hopper / bass
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