Avtograf - Avtograf (1986)

A Legend of Russian/Soveit prog,АВТОГРАФ has released its awesome EP in 1986.It contains a Masterpiece of the band- "Requiem to John Lenneon"-and few other high- class tracks such as "S.O.S."(imagine jam of ELP and KANSAS) and anti-war "We Need Peace"(no,not tha "Another Forgotten Sun!":-) ).Highly recommended to those who are going to learn what True Rus Prog is!!!A Musthave!!! - Review by Prog-jester (Igor Sidorenko)

Track Listings

1. S.O.S. (4:24)
2. Requiem (To The Memory Of John Lennon) (8:29)
3. The Truth (4:55)
4. Monologue (4:50)
5. We Need Peace (5:04)

Total Time: 28:00

- Alexander Sitkovetsky / guitars
- Arthur Berkut / vocals
- Leonid Makarevich / keyboards
- Leonid Goutkin / bass
- Victor Mikhalin / drums

Releases information

LP Melodija C60 24129 000 (1986)


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