Ainigma - Diluvium (1973)

The music on this album was played by young guys, aged between 15-17 years only. (!) Considering that, I must admire their maturity. The youth can be heard from the singers voice and simplicity of the compositions, but they play their stuff quite well and songs have lots of bluesy improvisational parts for jamming. The overall sound is dark and moody, with lots of raw sounding organ, guitar and bass.

My favorite tracks are the ballad "All Things are Fading", and the bonus track "Thunderstorm", which is an aggressive instrumental outtake from their rehearsal room. I have the vinyl version by Little Wing of this album, and it has a neat alternative cover by the painter Francis Darby. I would recommend this album to vinyl collectors and to those, who are interested in dark psychedelic music or German underground acts. - Review by Eetu Pellonpää

Track Listings

1. Prejudice (5:33)
2. You Must Run (7:31)
3. All Things Are Fading (5:15)
4. Diluvium (17:51)
5. Thunderstorm* (5:15)

Total Time: 41:25

- Willy Klüter / organ, lead vocals
- Wolfgang Netzer / guitar, bass, backing vocals
- Michael Klüter / drums

Releases information

Originally released as a private pressing.
Re-released on vinyl by Little Wing of Refugees and Angel Soundroom with a bonus track noted with * in track listing.
A CD version has been released by The Freak Emporium.


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