Frumpy - Frumpy Live (1972)

This is an excellent mix of blues, soul, hard rock and prog, with some "classic" brief interludes. Frumpy was a band which ended much too soon, they were talented musicians and singer Inga Rumpf had a powerful (although a bith rough) voice. This live album was a posthumous release, and Repertoire Records added two live 1970 songs to the original seven pieces. Apart from "Backwater Blues" (one of the highlights of the album), which was written by Bessie Smith, all the songs were written by band member (specially Inga Rumpf and Jean-Jacques Kravetz). Please note that guitar player Rainer Baumann played on this album (his name must be added at the line-up above - and the band's drummer was Carsten Bohn - "Bandstand" was the band he formed after Frumpy's end). All tracks on CD 1 (first five songs at the songlisting) are definitely worth a listen, making this album a good addition to any prog-rock fan's collection, although it's not essential. By the way, don't be fooled by the fact they were Germans: if you like kraut- rock, this will not be your band. - Review by M. B. Zapelini (Marcello B. Zapelini)

Track Listings

1. Keep On Going (12:06)
2. Singing Songs (8:54)
3. Backwater Blues (4:56)
4. Duty (17:35)
5. To My Mother (11:34)
6. Release (22:00)
7. Take Care Of Illusion (8:54)
8. Duty (7:33)
9. Floating (12:14)

Total Time 106:18

- Inga Rumpf / vocals, guitar
- Jean-Jacques Kravetz / keyboards
- Rainer Baumann / guitar
- Karl-Heinz Schott / bass
- Carsten Bohn / drums

Releases information

2LP / Vertigo / 1973
In 1971 and 1972 FRUMPY cut seven songs for their LP "Live". The bonus tracks "Duty" and "Floating" were originally released in 1970 on the compilation album "Pop & Blues Festival".
(Remastered by Repertoire Records in 2001 with two bonus tracks)

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