Acqua Fragile - Acqua Fragile (1973)

ACQUA FRAGILE were basically known as proteges of PFM. PFM produced both their albums, and (on this album only), they recorded for Numero Uno, same label PFM recorded for. The band was known for the vocals of Bernardo Lanzetti, who is basically compared to Peter GABRIEL and Roger Chapman, which sounds about right to me. Musically they get compared to GENESIS, without good reason, listen to "Morning Comes" and you'll know what I mean. There's "Science Fiction Suite", which is an acoustic piece often compared to CROSBY, STILLS, NASH & YOUNG, except, the vocals aren't as polished (given Lanzetti's harsh voice, as opposed to the mellow voices of CSNY).

Some of the other music sometimes reminds me of FAMILY, while "Three Hands Man" sounds more like the Italian prog you come to expect of the time. PFM often gets compared with, don't know why (other than the fact Lanzetti actually joined PFM when ACQUA FRAGILE disintigrated in 1975 - by which PFM was going a more fusion-oriented direction). The music of ACQUA FRAGILE isn't anywhere as meloncholy as many of PFM's best works are.

Also the original LP comes with a cover that folds in to a giant poster. A cool cover made all that much better because it folds out, and it makes owning the LP all that more worthwhile. While I find the album falls shorts of being essential, it's a nice album to have in your collection. - Review by Proghead (Ben Miler)

Track Listings

1. Morning Comes (7:22)
2. Comic Strips (3:56)
3. Science Fiction Suite (5:54)
4. Song From A Picture (4:09)
5. Education Story (4:12)
6. Going Out (2:56)
7. Three Hands Man (8:07)

Total Time: 36:36

- Gino Campanini / guitar, vocals
- Piero Canavera / guitar, drums, vocals
- Franz Dondi / bass
- Bernardo Lanzetti / guitar, vocals
- Maurizio Mori / keyboards, vocals
Releases information

Numero Uno (1976Bmg Ariola S.p.A)


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