Capitolo 6 - Frutti Per Kagua (1972)

"Frutti Per Kagua" is a previously rare and expensive album from early progressive rock masters CAPITOLO 6. If you are a collector or love prog-rock, this respected classic Italian progressive rock LP should have a place in your collection. Interestingly enough, even though the band hailed from Rome, this was is a concept album based on late stories of Native Americans.

The title track encompasses the entire first side on the album, running for 22 minutes. Their crowning glory is truly a prime slice of prog-rock heaven with beautiful flute passages interlaced with guitars and keyboards. The vocals are exceptional, even though I did not understand them; they seemed very expressive and fit well with the music.

This was yet another revelation for me in regards to the importance of Italian progressive rock. I realize I probably have said this before but it is worth reiterating, some of these bands early on were just as critical to the prog-rock genre development as British bands were. I certainly have heard enough proof of that over the last few years thanks to the superb reissues of Comet Records. This one is definitely a must have! - Review by Muzikman (Keith Hannaleck)

Track Listings

1. Frutti per Kagua (18:24)
2. Grande spirito (3:35)
3. Il tramonto di un popolo (6:00)
4. L'ultima notte (11:28)

Total Time: 40:04

- Riccardo Bartolotti / vocals, guitar, flute
- Antonio Favilla / keyboards
- Maurizio Romani / bass
- Lorenzo Donati / drums, vocals
Releases information

LP Ricordi It ZLST 70014 / CD Mellow Records MMP 257 (1994) / LP/CD Akarma AK 1010 / CD BMG "Speciale Rock Progressive", paper sleeve edition (2003)


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