Pollen - Pollen (1976)

The ultra prog music from the Quebec province is very keyboards oriented, featuring among others zigzagging moog solos, organ and piano: the sound is surprisingly modern for the year, avoiding to fall into deja vu outdated mix of organ & piano arrangements. The omnipresent electric guitar is very participating, contributing to produce the melodies with the help of the keyboards: that's why this album is well beyond progressive hard rock. The guitar sound is very varied & pleasant to listen. Actually, Pollen has nothing to envy from the major progressive bands of the 70's. Among the influences, let's mention Yes (especially the electric guitar sound & style), Genesis circa Foxtrot for the organ, Selling England By The Pound for the drums, and the major Italian progressive rock artists of the 70's for some moog keyboards. There are some impressive percussions of the xylophone family and some flute parts slightly reminding Genesis. Sometimes, the music takes all the available room, floating and shining with all its grandeur and colour. The percussive electric piano on "Tout l´temps" (I do not think it is a clavinet) is very pleasant and addictive: the fast & loaded keyboards are well seconded by very participating bass and drums. The best track is probably "La femme ailée", featuring discrete guitar arrangements a la Metallica's "Call Of K'Tulu". It starts slowly & beautifuly; the fast second part is absolutely progressive and captivating, containing a solemn & deranged church organ: the final last minute is just JAW-DROPPING, belonging to the best moments in the prog history, goosebumps guaranteed! - Review by greenback

Track Listings

Side 1
1. Vieux corps de vie d´ange (7:11)
2. L´étoile (6:24)
3. L´indien (4:50)

Side 2
4. Tout l´temps (3:26)
5. Vivre la mort (5:28)
6. La femme ailée (10:30)

Total Time: 37:29

- Jacques Tom Rivest / vocals, bass, acoustic guitar, keyboards
- Sylvain Coutu / drums, vibraphone, percussion
- Claude Lemay / keyboards, flute, vibraphone, bass, vocals
- Richard Lemoyne / electric and acoustic guitar, keyboards, bass
Releases information

LP Kébec Disc-KD 908-Can-1976
LP Kébec Disc-KD 908-Can-1976 2nd Ed.


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