Spontaneous Combustion - Spontaneous Combustion
Great and very much underated band this one. They supported ELP a few times in the early seventies and both albums were produced by GREG LAKE. Presumably, he helped to get them the deal with prog label, Harvest. Working on the basic, guitar, bass, drums principle, they deliver some catchy numbers, that benefit from great instrumental passages and time changes. GREG LAKE in my opinion has done the band a lot of justice with his production, as the music sounds fresh, clear and has really stood the test of time. A great addition to the music is the frequent use of the VCS synth, with gives it a lot of added texture. (I wonder if Greg borrowed this from Mr Emerson??) Sadly as is the case with a lot of these early 70's outfits, they disbanded too soon, recording one more equally great LP Highly recommended. - Review by kingdhansak (George Prior)

Track Listings

1. Speed Of Light - 5:27
2. Listen To The Wind - 7:47
3. Leaving - 5:13
4. 200 Lives - 2:57
5. Down With The Moon - 7:06
6. Reminder - 10:27


- Gary Margetts / guitar, vocals
- Tristian Margetts / bass, vocals
- Tony Brock / drums, vocals, percussion
Releases information

LP Harvest SHVL 801 (1972)
LP Capitol 11021 (1972)

Spontaneous Combustion - Triad
Thought this album needed a review, so here we go! (please see rating for the first LP as well) This continues in a similar vein. Guitar, bass and drums with added synth courtesy of GREG LAKE doing the production duties. Tracks here are overall heavier, but a little less complex and more structured than the debut.There are also some more mellow moments which work perfectly with the rockier numbers. I'd say this was a fraction of an improvement from their debut, but only just. A classic example of 'if only this band had carried on'. A real shame they didn't as they had so much to offer. Once again well recommended and vastly underated. - Review by kingdhansak (George Prior)

Track Listings

1. Spaceship - 3:29
2. Brainstorm - 6:22
3. Child Life - 4:14
4. Love And Laughter - 3:33
5. Pan - 7:36
6. Rainy Day - 3:13
7. Monolith Parts 1, 2 & 3 - 9:16

- Tony Brock / drums
- Gary Margetts / guitar, vocals
- Tristian Margetts / bass, vocals
Releases information

Harvest SHVL 805
LP Capitol 11095


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