Electric Light Orchestra - ELO II (1972)

This is the album, which takes you into higher dimesnsions. Great symphonic work goes hand in hand with rock themes and opposites to nice melodys of "Mama" and "Kuima". "In old England town" is really dark song with genial cello work and great vocals. "Mama" is a bit long, but the melody is nice and catchy. "Roll over Beethoven" starts with violin and cello parts and then the lead guitar comes in with heavy Chuck Berry riff. This song is stunning mixture of classic work and rock'n'roll. "From the sun to the world" is my favourite. It starts piano in 3/4, then the Moog comes in and lately really good vocals by Jeff Lynne. And another good part comes in lately with heavy piano with the main theme over it. Absolutely uncomparable song, the two Boogies are superb. "Kuiama" closes the album with nice melody, great cellos and a dark piano ending theme.

If it would be possible, this album would have to recieve more than five stars. This is where the symphonic prog is at its peak. Highly recommended!!! - Review by pociluk

Track Listings

1. In Old England Town (Boogie #2) (6:51)
2. Mama (7:00)
3. Roll Over Beethoven (8:05)
4. From the Sun to the World (Boogie #1) (8:17)
5. Kuiama (11:14)

Total Time: 41:37


- Mike Alberquerque / bass, vocals
- Bev Bevan / drums
- Mike Edwards / cello
- Wilf Gibson / violin
- Jeff Lynne / guitar, vocals, moog synthesizer
- Richard Tandy / moog synthesizer, piano, guitar, harmonium
- Colin Walker / cello

Releases information

LP UK EMI Harvest (1973)
LP US United Artists UA-LA040 (1973)


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