The Move - The Move (1968)

The Move's debut album was a solid effort of mod-pop-psychedelia, boasting a number of fine Roy Wood compositions: the British hits "Flowers in the Rain" and "Flower Brigade," the original version of "Cherry Blossom Clinic," and the lesser-known but equally worthy "Yellow Rainbow" and "Walk Upon the Water." The three routine covers (of Eddie Cochran, the Coasters, and Moby Grape) that pad the album dilute it only slightly. The German CD reissue adds seven bonus tracks from late-'60s singles, but if you can live with vinyl, you should still seek out the A&M double-LP compilation The Best of the Move, which has the entire debut album and even more of their late-'60s and early-'70s 45s. - Review by Richie Unterberger

Track List
01 Yellow Rainbow - (Roy Wood)
02 Kilroy Was Here - (Roy Wood)
03 (Here We Go Round ) The Lemon Tree (Wood)
04 Weekend - (Post)
05 Walk Upon The Water - (Roy Wood)
06 Flowers In The Rain - (Roy Wood)
07 Hey Grandma - (Miller - Stevenson)
08 Useless Information - (Roy Wood)
09 Zing Went The Strings Of My Heart - (Hanley)
10 The Girl Outside - (Roy Wood)
11 Fire Brigade - (Roy Wood)
12 Mist On A Monday Morning - (Roy Wood)
13 Cherry Blossom Clinic - (Roy Wood)


* Roy Wood - guitar/vocals
* Carl Wayne - vocals
* Bev Bevan - drums
* Trevor Burton - guitar/vocals
* Ace Kefford - bass/vocals

Released 1968 - Label REGAL ZONOPHONE Cat. No. SLRZ 1002 - stereo


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