The Move - Shazam (1970)

The single most accomplished album to be recorded by any of the Birmingham rock bands (which include the Moody Blues), Shazam is sort of Sgt. Pepper with an attitude, a mixture of expansive progressive rock worthy of the Beatles and high-energy music honed by years of playing loud on-stage. The rendition of Tom Paxton's "The Last Thing on My Mind" pushes these guys simultaneously into Byrds and Jimi Hendrix territory, while "Beautiful Daughter" is one of the most unabashedly pretty records of this era, and "Cherry Blossom Clinic Revisited" is defiantly strange. The album only exists as an import from Japan, paired up on one CD with the earlier Flowers in the Rain album (all songs in print domestically or a better German version filled out with five live tracks from London's Marquee Club, off of the super-rare Something Else EP). - Review by Bruce Eder

Side 1:
1. Hello Susie - (Roy Wood)
2. Beautiful Daughter - (Roy Wood)
3. Cherry Blossom Clinic Revisited - (Roy Wood)

Side 2:
1. Fields Of People - (Day-Pierson)
2. Don't Make My Baby Blue - (Mann-Weil)
3. The Last Thing On My Mind - (Paxton)


* Roy Wood - guitar/vocals
* Carl Wayne - vocals
* Bev Bevan - drums
* Rick Price - bass/vocals

1998 CD Repertoire 4691
1994 CD Repertoire 4296
1970 LP A&M 4259
1982 LP A&M SP-3181
1970 Repertoire 4296
2001 CD JVC Japan 61314
2001 CD JVC Japan 61314
1998 CD Repertoire 4691

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Downlaod Part 2

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