Beggar's Opera - Sagittary (1974)

This band was from Scotland, their name is derived from a novel by the poet John Gray in 1728. The musicians of BEGGAR'S OPERA were Martin Griffiths (vocals), Rick Gardiner (guitar and vocals), Alan Park (keyboards), Gordon Sellar (bass, acoustic guitar and vocals), Virginia Scott (Mellotron and vocals) and Raymond Wilson (drums and percussion). BEGGAR'S OPERA made a lot of records but remained acting in the shade of most progressive rock bands.

Their debut-album "Act one" (’70) contains fluent and tasteful organ driven progrock with powerful "Sixties" sounding guitarwork. The long track "Raymond’s Road" is a splendid tribute to the "classics" featuring Mozart’s A la Turka, Bach’s Toaccata in d-fuga en Grieg’s Peer Gynt Suite on the Hammond organ. The second album "Waters of Change" (’71) is build around the dual keyboardplay of Alan Park and newcomer Virginia Scott and the distinctive, a bit cynical vocals of Gardiner. The nine tracks are beautiful symphonic landscapes with many organ solos, some swelling and glorious Mellotron waves (like The MOODY BLUES and early KING CRIMSON) and fine electric guitarwork. On the third LP "Pathfinder" BEGGAR'S OPERA seems to have reached its pinnacle: strong and alternating compositions with lush keyboards (Mellotron, organ, piano and harpsichord), powerful electric guitarplay and many shifting moods (even Scottosh folk with bagpipes). The band released three more albums but, in my opinion, they sounded far less captivating: "Get your dog off me" (’73), "Saggittary" (’76) and "Beggar's can’t be choosers" (’79). - (Band review)

Track Listings

1. Sagittary
2. Something to lose
3. World crisis blues
4. Smiling in a Summer dress
5. Freedom song
6. I'm the music man
7. Just twenty one
8. Jack the ripper
9. Love of my own
10. Simplicity

Total Time:


- Colin Fairley / drums, percussion
- Ricky Gardner / guitar, backing vocals
- Linnie Peterson / lead vocals
- Virginia Scott / keyboards
- Gordon Seller / bass, acoustic guitar, backing vocals

Releases information

Lp. Jupiter 88907


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