Sieges Even - Uneven (1995)

Being aware that it might sound biased since SIEGES EVEN is coming from my home town I've to call them though one of the best German bands and every lover of Progmetal who listen to them will agree to this. This one is certainly their most hard-edged one (not considering their very first Thrash-Metal album) and almost on par with its predecessor maybe altogether a bit less accessible. Apart from the addition of brother of singer Greg Keller as keyboardist the line-up on here stayed the same as on "Sophisticated" which is a rare case in their band history. Guitar player Wolfgang Zenk and rhythm section consisting of Holzwarth brothers are doing a great job once again and with Greg Keller they found the best vocalist they've had ever before anyway. There's lots of excellent melodic but highly intricate prog metal on here and I dare saying it's supposed to be considered higher in quality than ANY album by DREAM THEATER and at least as good as the best ones by FATES WARNING. Everytime I'm listening to these guys I'm again blown away by the enormous virtuosity they show on their instruments without losing themselves in endless narcistic solo excesses at any time.

Highlights: "What if?", "Trainsong", "Love is as warm as tears"

Everyone liking the mentioned bands shouldn't miss this one! Absolutely a Must-Have in Progmetal genre!! - Review by hdfisch (Dieter Fischer)

Track Listings

1. Disrespectfully yours (3:49)
2. What if? (5:20)
3. Trainsong (4:37)
4. Rise and shine (5:26)
5. Scratches in the rind (5:57)
6. Different pace (5:31)
7. What's up god? (6:09)
8. Love is as warm as tears (7:16)

Total Time: 44:16


- Greg Keller / vocals
- Bork Keller / keyboards
- Wolfgang Zenk / guitar
- Oliver Holzwarth / bass
- Alexander Holzwarth / drums

Releases information

Semaphore 37746-422


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