“Vulture Culture” offers more of the same from Alan Parsons, in the form of well produced melodic soft rock. There is little to get excited about though, as the album lacks any innovation or experimentation. The album simply delivers a collection of songs which would have fitted in equally well on any other APP album.

The opening “Let’s talk about me” sets the tone for the entire album, being a mid-paced melodic rock song with a strong hook, but little to interest those seeking anything prog. “Days are numbered” is a slower piece once again with a strong melody, which would doubtless find plenty of exposure on a melodic rock radio station.

The final track, “The same old sun” is by far the best, it’s a lovely soft ballad, with fine vocals by Eric Woolfson and beautiful orchestration.

“Vulture Culture” is not a prog album by any means, but then much of the APP’s product, particularly their later output, could not be classified as such. A harmless album really, with nothing worthy of great criticism, but then again, not a great deal to recommend it either. - Review by Easy Livin (Bob McBeath)

Track Listings

1. Let's Talk About Me (4:22)
2. Separate Lives (4:42)
3. Days Are Numbers (The Traveller) (4:02)
4. Sooner Or Later (4:26)
5. Vulture Culture (5:21)
6. Hawkeye (3:48)
7. Somebody Out There (4:56)
8. The Same Old Sun (5:24)

Total Time: 38:00

- David Paton / bass
- Stuart Elliott / drums & percussion
- Ian Bairnson / guitars
- Eric Woolfson / pianos
- Richard "Trix" Cottle / synths & saxes
- Alan Parsons / fairlight prog.
- Mr. Laser Beam / oral rendition


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