The Alan Parsons Project - Gaudi (1987)

This is really the Eric Woolfson Project, Parsons being almost entirely absent from the album credits. He is listed as co-writer of the songs, but I suspect this is very much in the way Lennon/McCartney shared every song. This album is the nearest to prog the Alan Parson’s Project have come since “Tales of Mystery and Imagination..”, and is a very good collection to boot.

This is of course a concept album about the architect Gaudi, and consists of generally longer tracks than other APP albums. It was originally composed as a stage show, and has indeed gone on to become a successful one in Germany.

“La Sagrada Familia” kick off album with much pomposity and orchestration. At almost 9 minutes it is a fine piece, with great vocals by John Miles ("Music") and dramatic instrumental overtones. Miles also performs lead vocals on the disappointing "Money talks", which sound like little more than a thinly disguised mimic of Pink Floyd's "Money". Indeed, it is the tracks on which Woolfson take on lead vocal that shine brightest. "Inside looking out" is particularly pleasing, similar in many ways to the classic APP track, "Silence and I".

"Standing on higher ground" is more like standard APP fare, with it's relaxed mid-paced rhythm, and catchy hook, a sort of "Eye in the sky part 2".

In all though one of the Project's best works, my only real beef being that it is disappointingly short, at well under 40 minutes. - Review by Easy Livin (Bob McBeath)

Track Listings

1. La Sagrada Familia (8:44)
2. Too Late (4:34)
3. Closer To Heaven (5:54)
4. Standing On Higher Ground (5:02)
5. Money Talks (4:23)
6. Inside Looking Out (6:19)
7. Paseo De Gracia (3:43)

Total Time: 38:51

- Laurie Cottle / bass
- Stuart Elliott / drums & percussion
- Ian Bairnson / guitars
- Richard "Trix" Cottle / synths and saxes
- Eric Woolfson / pianos & keyboards
- Bob Howes / timpanis
- David Cripp / horn (leader)
- John Heley / cello
- John Miles, Lenny Zakatek, Eric Woolfson, Geoff Barradale, Chris Rainbow / vocals
- Arranged and conducted by Andrew Powell / orchestra
- The English Chorale conducted by Bob Howes / choir


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