Streetmark - Nordland (1976)

Streetmark is one of the lesser known german bands of the 70's.One of the reasons is that the musicians kept their day-jobs, toured mainly in their area and didn't develop a follow up like GROBSCHNITT or NOVALIS who toured heavily.STREETMARK played together since 1968 but took time to record their first record 'Nordland'.They took the time to play the songs live and work them out. 'Nordland' was recorded and produced by the well knownengineer/producer Connie Planck on the new Sky label.Side one starts with a suite ' House of 3 windows'. The first part shows influences of Ekseption and Focus especially towards the end when G.Buschmann does vocalises like T. van Leer.The second part goes more in the direction of Procol Harum, Gary Brooker being the obvious model for Buschmann.The third part is a cover of 'Eleanor Rigby' ( a minor hit for STREETMARK) and quite an interesting approach of such a classic track. STREETMARK plays the song up- tempo and agressive which works fine.'Amleth Saga' is another Procol Harum influenced track. The only weak track on side one is 'Italian concerto in rock' a pseudo baroque instrumental à la Ekseption or Wendy Carlos with cheesy synth sounds. The second side 'Nordland is more athmospherique.The first part, an instrumental reminding NOVALIS goes into a more jazzier track' Lyster Fjord'. The third part 'Ladoga' is my favourite track on the record, a beautiful melody ,the only weak point are the vocals. The second side closes with 'Reality Airport' an uptempo rocker with nice rhythm changes. On the CD edition there is a Bonus track 'Da Capo' a variation on the 'Eleanor Rigby' theme. - Review by Alucard (Martin Horst)

Track Listings

1. House of three windows: (10:55)
a) House for hire 3:15
b) Green velvet curtains 2:20
c) Eleanor Rigby 5:20
2. Amleth saga (7:10)
3. Italian concert in rock (2:30)
4. Nordland: (20:19)
a) Waves and visions 2:50
b) Lyster fjord 7:24
c) Ladoga 3:45
d) Reality airport 6:20

Total Time: 40:54

- Georg Buschmann / lead vocals
- Dorothea Raukes / keyboards
- Thomas Schreiber / guitars
- Hans Schweiss / drums
- Wolfgang Westphal / bass
Releases information

LP Sky Records 003
CD Sky Records 3043 (1993)


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