Capricorn College - Orfeo 2000 (1972)

When to the Red moon Records I saw this CD... I don't know because... I bought it immediately. Ok, for me isn't a bad CD... However is a strange album because in 1972 the RPI finally is adult... And this is an album of Proto Prog. Nevertheless I noted an use of the Synth a la Rustichelli & Bordini also if is a strange sensation. In fact "Io Più Te" is almost Beat!!! Ok, and "Adamitico Sound"? Well... Is the song more complex of the album but just because have saxes, piano and a good drums solo!!! So is very good the intro of "Particolare Amore" that remember the work of Rustichelli & Bordini... But the song is another almost Beat (also with a good sound and sweet flute). The song more Prog are: "Cenacolo '70", good emotional song and a la Rustichelli & Bordini (but, honest, is only good),"Orfeo 2000", jazzy and moderately complex in the intro but in the development RPI a la New Trolls, and "Anatomia Di Una Notte", good Rock with flute a la I Delirium. Little (because very moderately) Psychedelic song is "Flash Discorsivo" (but only for feeling) and totally POP "Corri, Corri, Corri" (that is listenned to without to do us case) and "Why", sung in English, is the worsesong of the album they cause lyrics. But, remember, very good the synths and the vocals (specially in "Cenacolo '70", that, in the media of the album, is a half masterpiece!!!).

Marginal album. Marginal band, also because aged very badly. Not "Cenacolo '70", "Anatomia Di Una Notte" and,in part, "Orfeo 2000", two good RPI Symphonic songs. For the rest also interesting music. - Review by Mandrakeroot (Andrea Salvador)

Track Listings

1. Io Più Te (3:31)
2. Adamitico Sound (5:41)
3. Particolare Amore (4:25)
4. Flash Discorsivo (1:30)
5. Cenacolo '70 (5:02)
6. Orfeo 2000 (5:00)
7. Anatomia Di Una Notte (3:28)
8. Why (3:40)
9. Corri, Corri, Corri (3:40)
10. Sei Giorni Su Sei (3:57)

Nino Antonino / guitar, II flure, bongos, chant
Pino Ferro / II guitar, chant
Oreste ferro / bass, chant
Adamo Biello / drum, percussion, chant
Alifranchini Guerrino / flute, tenor sax
Mario Barigazzi (Barimar) / piano, organ, harpsichord, eminent 310, tumbe, arrengement and direction
Releases information

LP: Kansas (LDM 17004) 1972
CD: Mellow (MMP 234) 1994


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