This record has a very German sound: it is almost progressive hard rock. It consists in cold & melancholic high electric guitars notes and in a mix of vintage and some more "modern" keyboards. If it is classified as progressive rock, then it is a very basic, simple and straightforward one. The songs have a unique sound, and the compositions are not bad at all, although they are not outstanding. The very punchy bass is rather pleasant and elaborated, and the drums are surprisingly varied and elaborated, despite they are not very fast. The good lead vocals have just a slight German accent.

There is often a gentle background organ a la Nektar (A tab in the ocean), and a lightly distorted floating organ a la Focus. The straightforward electric guitars have no significant pedal effects, so that the miscellaneous lazy solos sound a bit like the ones from early Eloy (circa "Inside"). Speaking of the Eloy of the 70's, some keyboards sound a bit the same. There are some acoustic guitars parts like on the "World will end on Friday" track. The electric rhythmic guitar riffs are rather rare. The music has a few elements from Amon Duul 2, except that Amon Duul 2 are much more progressive, elaborated and varied. - Review by greenback

Track Listings

1. White Room (8:22)
2. World will end on Friday (4:47)
3. Graveyard (7:53)
4. Ocean (7:42)
5. Seasons (9:16)

Total Time: 38:00

- Roland Soltysiak / guitar
- Jochen Gutermuth / bass
- Horst Schlechtriemen / keyboards, backing vocals
- Walter Kaulhausen / drums, backing vocals
- Heiner Waldmann / vocals, acoustic guitar
- Klaus Grandt / vocals, percussion
Releases information

LP Sky 015 (1977)


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