Atoll - Tertio (1977)

Well a "2 stars and an half" score is righter: talking about the French scene, They were not as much good as Ange, nor so much innovative like Pulsar, but anyway a good part of their stuff was remarkable and enriched with fine Mini-moog harmonizations. A strange year it was such 1977: the issue of "Novella" by Renaissance was the consolation for the betrayed fans of Yes, hating almost the whole production in the vein of "Drama" (without forgetting the beginning of the "Era of punk"); and cause of the reasons above, every melodic pop progressive work from France, resembling a bit the "Yes sound" of the early seventies, was like gold!! ...but coming back to the present issue, of course there's a certain discontinuity within and the guitar harmonic solutions are not so innovative as well; nevertheless by considering their sense of melody I prefer this work to- for instance- the mainstream works by Asia, even though I don't get crazy for this melodic genre (Camel are much better for example!!) - Review by lor68

Track Listings

1. Paris c'est Fini (5:58)
2. Les Dieux meme... (7:35)
3. Cae Lowe (Le Duel part 1 & 2) (4:49)
4. Le cerf Volant (5:51)
5. Tunnel part 1 (5:48)
6. Tunnel part 2 (7:48)

Total Time: 37:49

- Jean-Luc Thillot / bass
- Alain Gozzo / drums
- Michel Taillet / keyboards, drums
- André Balzer / vocals, drums
- Christian Beya / guitar
Releases information

CD Crime-K32Y 2157-Jap-1988
CD Musea FGBG 4019.AR
CD Musea FGBG 2102 (2002) (Digital Remaster in Mini-LP-Sleeve)


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