Riccardo Zappa - Celestion (1977)

1977: what a wonderful debut solo album. Locanda delle Fate were not alone at that time!

Zappa is one of the greatest acoustic guitarists in Italy. A musician interested in fusion between classic instruments and sounds with more electronic parts and instruments. His trade mark is his famous “Ovation” guitar of which you can listen its stunning and pleasant chant. Then, after some minutes the great skills of Zappa are well evident. His instrumental works are the best ever released in the whole italian prog scene. “Celestion” is the proof with its long (over 10 minutes) and memorable opener “Frammenti”.

Near the end of the opener a fantastic guitar's effect (it seems to be the bagpipes!).

Soon the album became very popular in Italy mainly due to the new role for the acoustic and classic guitars. The first time in prog: classic guitar in such a venerable work. The listener is completely bown away by all these five compositions. There are not many comparisons to be made. Many prog artists are famous for their instrumental-based works, as for example Mike Oldfield and Bo Hansson. None of them sounds like Zappa. None in particular in none of other sub-genre of prog sounds like him. He was an extraordinary discovery for me. I'm sure it'll be an incredible experience also for you all. His first solo work is a must have for any good prog lover. Also for the wonderful and delicate mix between classic and modern side of music.

Essential record. - Review by Andrea Cortese (Andrea Cortese)

Track Listings

1. Frammenti (10:47)
2. Tre e Quattro Quarti (5:17)
3. Celestion (7:22)
4. Sonata Mediterranea (4:25)
5. Mirage (6:04)

Total Time 33:57


- Riccardo Zappa / acoustic guitars and "benzo"
- Vince Tempera / keyboards
- Julius Farmer / bass guitar
- Ottavio Corbellini / drums
- George Aghedo / percussions

Releases information

Mellow (MMP 290) - 1997
BTF/Vinyl Magic (VM 111) - 2006


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