Well, it's not progressive at all, but in 1965 there wasn't progressive rock. This is just another album of a top British Invasion band. It is a very good album is the genre. Denny Laine vocals are not great like any of the other moodies of the classic formation. There are some catchy beat songs, like the hit Go Now, Bye Bye Byrd and many others. The main differences maybe are the extensevely use of piano, which makes much difference in songs like It Ain´t Necessarily So and some flute, though Thomas play most of the time harmonica (and fortunately sings some songs). A good album, not just a Beatles wannabe, showing something different, but not much. - Review by akin (Fernando Raffani)

Track Listings

1. I'll Go Crazy
2. Something You Got
3. Go Now
4. Can't Nobody Love You
5. I Don't Mind
6. I've Got a Dream
7. Let Me Go
8. Stop!
9. Thank You Baby
10. It Ain't Necessarily So
11. True Story
12. Bye Bye Bird

- Michael Pinder / keyboards and vocals
- Ray Thomas / bass, flute, vocals
- Graeme Edge / drums
- Denny Laine / guitar, vocals
- Elaine Caswell / percussion
- Clint Warwick / bass


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