Pythagoras - After The Silence (1981)

In the late Seventies I used to visit a record-store named "Moonlight Records" in my hometown The Hague. One day the owner drummer Bob de Jong told me that he had founded a duo with synthesizer player René de Haan and made an electronic oriented LP entitled “Journey to the vast unknown”. This album was played on a national radio- programm and within a week he had received hundreds of requests for that debut-LP! This album is the second and final effort from the duo Pythagoras, it’s far more progressive and symphonic.

1 – After the silence

1st Movement: This is a typical electronic atmosphere intro featuring soaring synthesizers, very spacey. 2nd Movement: First a bombastic eruption with lush Mellotron and organ, then soaring keyboards as an introduction to a very Gilmourian inspired, often howling and fiery guitar solo from ... guest guitarist ARJEN LUCASSEN (known as the brainchild behind AYREON). The final part contains a slow rhytm with a bombastic climate delviering pleasant drumming. 3rd Movement: On the Mighty M400 Mellotron René de Haan plays majestic choir- Mellotron waves, wonderful blended with spacey synthesizer flights and in the end some moving violin-Mellotron play.

2 – After the silence

4th Movement: PLACKBAND keyboardist Michel van Wassem plays the choir-Mellotron sound on a Novotron, impressive! 5th Movement: This part features soaring synthesizers and string-ensemble, then a bombastic eruption with choir-Mellotron and soft drum beats, in the end we hear the sound of waves and a great build-up , VIVALDI-inspired violin soli. 6th Movement: First a swinging rhythm with lush keyboards and fiery electric guitar riffs, then a dreamy climate with melancholical Mellotron and violin. 7th Movement: The atmosphere alternates from spacey with synthesizer sounds and choir-Mellotron to a slow rhythm featuring slow but very moving guitar runs with bass- pedals and choir-Mellotron, WONDERFUL!

This album sounds a bit simple and amateurish but if you like moving, 24-carat symphonic rock with lush MELLOTRON and you want to hear the early prog work of ARJEN LUCASSEN, this is an interesting, very warm album! - Review by erik neuteboom (erik neuteboom)

Track Listings

After The Silence I:
1. 1st movement ~ Introduction
2a. 2nd movement ~ Opus I: diabolus
in musica
2b. Opus II: étude for flying V
2c. Opus III: scherzo
3. 3rd movement ~ Endless hymn
After The Silence II:
4a. 4th movement ~ Opus I: turn
4b. Opus II: return
5a. 5th movement ~ Opus I: caprice
5b. Opus II: interludium
5c. Opus III: reprice
6. 6th movement ~ Scherzo reprice
7. 7th movement ~ Grand finale

- René de Haan / synthesizers, strings, Mellotron, church organ, choir arrangements
- Bob de Jong / drums, bass pedals, electric piano, Sony TCS 310

Guest musicians:
- Nick Blaser / violin
- Martin Knaap / bass
- Carolien Krul / flute
- Arjen Lucassen / guitar, bass pedals
- Michel van Wassem / Novotron (4a)
Releases information

LP Syntone / WEA 58.465 (1981)


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