Minotaurus - Fly Away (1978)

MINOTAURUS were an obscure 70’s band from Germany, who recorded 2 albums with only one ever being released "Fly Away". Inspired by the story of the Mintaurus living in King Minos' Labyrinth on Crete this 6 piece band deliver an album full of organ roaring progressive rock. This album although essentially a symphonic mindmelt does also blend in psych and space dimensions into their sound. Their overall sound is quite rich with a good chunk of mellotron and deep bass lines. Vocals (Peter Scheu) are sung in English and fit the music quite well. Instrumentally this band were amazing with inspiring and pompous keyboard leads, mellotron atmospheres , great guitar , bass and drum interplay. Overall sound carries allusions to NOVALIS, MARILLION and ELOY. - Review by loserboy (James Unger)

Track Listings

1. 7117 (6:47)
2. Your Dream (5:40)
3. Lonely Seas (4:42)
4. Highway (3:20)
5. Fly Away (13:20)
6. The Day The Earth Will Die (4:40)
7. Sunflowers (3:59)

Total Time: 41:51

- Michael Helsberg / guitars
- Ludger "Lucky" Hofstetter / guitars
- Ulli Poetschulat / drums
- Bernd Maciej / bass
- Peter Scheu / vocals
- Dietmar Barzen / keyboards
Releases information

CD Garden Of Delights CD 073 (2002)


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