Procession - Frontiera (1972)

One of the nice things about this website is that the many reviews help you discover bands you hadn’t heard before. For me, a real eye opener was the discovery of Italian prog. Since I’ve been reading reviews and been listening to the audio samples, I have become a big fan of the italian scene. Bands like Banco, PFM, Museo Rosenbach, Le Orme, to name a few have really grabbed me. And there are much more of these bands to discover.

One of those bands is Procession. I was surprised that their debut album wasn’t reviewed yet. It was released in 1972 and it contains beautiful, melodic, at times heavy, guitar driven progressive music. The songs are very dynamic with quiet acoustic guitar passages. It ranges from acoustic folky music to heavy hardrock (and anything in between). The lyrics of the songs are supposed to deal with immigration.

This being the first review of the album can’t have anything to do with the quality of the album, because it is very good. I personally add it to my list of excellent Italian symphonic prog. And now on to the next discovery… - Review by Agemo

Track Listings

1. Ancora una notte
2. Uomini e illusioni
3. Citta grande
4. Incontra
5. Anche io sono un uomo
6. Un mondo di liberta
7. Solo
8. Un'ombra chevaga
9. Solo 2

- Gianfranco Gaza / vocals, mouth harp
- Roby Munciguerra / guitar
- Marcello Capra / guitar
- Angelo Girardi / bass, mandolin
- Giancarlo Capello / drums, percussion
Releases information

LP Help DZSLH 55131 (1972)
CD Vinyl Magic VM 036 (1993)


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