Fantasy - Paint A Picture (1973)

Before reading my short review of this album, I have to admit being a bit biased. I really love this style of early English progressive rock. Although the musicians are not virtuosos, and the tracks are not terribly complex the music here is so warm, sincere, and melodic that you immediately fall for the colorful sounds coming out of your speakers. 1973's "Paint A Picture" is FANTASY's only official release (the second album, which was rejected by Polydor in the 70s, was released on CD in 1992). Some of the music on "Paint A Picture" reminds me of David BOWIE's "Space Oddity". Not that the tracks here sound like BOWIE's classic song, but the orchestration is very similar. Especially with the use of acoustic guitar, and mellotron. The band also knew when to pick up the pace in a song with an aggressive instrumental section or two, but the overall atmosphere is relaxed. This classic will appeal to fans of SPRING, EARTH AND FIRE, PENTACLE, and PFM's "Per Un Amico". - Review by Steve Hegede (Steve Hegede)

Track Listings

1. Paint A Picture (5:24)
2. Circus (6:18)
3. The Award (4:52)
4. Politely Insane (3:27)
5. Widow (2:12)
6. Icy River (5:53)
7. Thank Christ (4:06)
8. Young Man's Fortune (3:41)
9. Gnome Song (4:19)
10. Silent Mine (4:39)

Total Time: 44:41

Bonus tracks on remaster (Lake Eerie 2005) taken from Fantasy - Beyond The Beyond:

11. Beyond The Beyond (5:37)
12. Reality (2:58)
13. Alanderie (9:01)
14. Afterthought (5:51)
15. Worried Man (2:56)
16. Just A Dream (3:32)
17. Winter Rose (3:27)

- Paul Lawrence / 12 string guitar, vocals
- David Read / bass, vocals
- David Metcalfe / keyboards, vocals
- Peter James / lead guitar, vocals
- Jon Webster / percussion, vocals
Releases information

LP Polydor 2383 246 (1973)
CD Polydor KK ERC-29229 (1991, Japan)
CD Lake Eerie LER 43007 (2005, remaster)


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