Well, Perigeo is one of the classic and most important italian bands of this genre, along with “Area” and “Arti e Mestieri”. Often regarded as the more refined, gentle and polite of the three, they produced their best known opus in 1973. Over 44 minutes of music, unusual for the italian classic scene. Nevetheless it's difficult for me to appreciate entirely their music 'cause, as you know, despite some of the most famous records, I don't know very well this genre. All I know is that this album has its moments of grandeur but is too jazzy for my personal tastes. I feel to lose any sense of direction 'cause its “simple complexity”! That' why, even after so many listenings, I hardly manage to appreciate it in the right way. So you won't read from me the usual “lobbying” for another italian band...actually, all I can say, it's that I find more easy and exciting the music of Arti e Mestieri, their “Tilt” in particular. - Review by Andrea Cortese (Andrea Cortese)

Track Listings

1. Non c'é tempo da perdere
2. Déjà vu
3. Rituale
4. Abbiamo tutti un blues da piangere
5. Country
6. Nadir
7. Vento, pioggia e sole

- Bruno Biriaco / drums, percussion
- Franco D'Andrea / acoustic & electric pianos
- Claudio Fasoli / alto & soprano saxophone
- Tony Sidney / guitar
- Giovanni Tommaso / vocals, basses
Releases information

Lp. RCA Records DPSL 10609 / Cd. RCA Records ND 71934 (1989)


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Já havia tentado baixar, mas só consegui uma música, que por sinal, muito boa, agora voltei pra ver se consigo baixar todas.

17 de novembro de 2007 13:34  

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