The Flock - Inside Out (1975)

After a brief breakup some of The Flock's members found themselves another fantastic electric violinist, Mike Zydowsky, and hit the road with a stripped down version of the band. Gone was the impressive horn section, with it the complicated arrangements, and much of the band's former jazz/rock fusion sound. Basically, they became just another rock band, but with a plugged-in fiddler.

Inside Out is a fairly lame affair by and large, but two lengthy fusionesque workouts stand out superbly. Surprisingly, they are two of the strongest compositions in the Flock’s repertoire: Metamorphosis and the very impressive disc-closer Straight Home. The vocals songs are dismissible, but these two tracks make this record worth finding.

Do not expect the former Flock propensity for complex production and chaotic interplay. However, if you enjoyed Glickenstein and company on the group's first two pressings this one may surprise you, especially if you dig Where Jerry Goodman went after he left this group. The Flock attempted to follow his flight, but it’s apparent they couldn't quite keep up. - Review by vingaton (David L Gordon)

Track Listings

1. Music for Our Friends
2. Back to You
3. Metamorphosis
4. Hang On
5. My Ok Today
6. Straight Home

- Jerry Smith / bass, vocals
- Fred Glickstein / guitar, vocals
- James L. Hirsen / keyboards, vocals
- Ron Karpman / drums, vocals
- Felix Pappalardi / vocals
- Mike Zydowsky / violin
Releases information

LP Mercury SRM-1-1035 (1975)


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