This is one of the most well-known brazilian bands around the world, and this is their debut self-titled album, not always the first album is the best, and this isnt an exception, this is not their best IMO. They have a particular sound, something like PFM meets Camel, but anyway, this album is something symphonic, but a bit poppish, that is not so bad, because also poppish could sounds good. Sagrado Coracao da Terra is a band with lots of instuments in their music, here we can find besides the elemental guitars , drums and bass, a nice violin sound in the most of the songs, a very particular and soft piano work and also in the last song we can hear the beautiful sound of a flute.

The lyrics are in portuguese, both, male and female voices, male voice is reminiscent to any italian band, maybe Area or something, its good, and female voice is also good in some songs, symphonic sound predominates here, violin makes it better, some mood changes, the best song i think is A Gloria das Manhas, its the largest song, but good work, but i think in some ways it is a bit boring, because it doesnt have something "new" to show us, this was the first brazilian album that i heard, i think there are better albums.

I`d like to say again that what i think is the most special of this album, is the Violin, its not a superb violin sound, but its always in the best point , in the right place and thats what i enjoy the most here. If you`re looking for some brazilian prog, maybe it is not the best place to start, it is good, but not as good as i thought when i bought it. For that reasons, i think this album deserves 3 stars. - Review by memowakeman (Guillermo Hdez. Urdapilleta)

Track Listings

1. Asas (2:54)
2. Lições da história (4:36)
3. Arte do sol (3:57)
4. A glória das manhãs (7:14)
5. Feliz (0:55)
6. Deus dançarino (2:13)
7. Memória das selvas (2:08)
8. Corpo veleiro (5:05)
9. Sagrado (6:55)
10. A vida é terna (2:30)

Total Time: 38:27

- Inês Brando / piano (6)
- Fernando Campos / Arp Avatar, electrc guitar(9)
- Lincoln Cheib / Pratos (7)
- Gilberto Diniz / bass (5)
- Vanessa Falabella / vocals
- Marquinhos Gaughin / bass
- Giácomo Lombardi / synthesizers (6)
- Alexandre Lopes / acoustic guitar (4-5-8) guitar synthesizer (9)
- Nenen / drums, Timpani
- Paulinho Santos / percussion
- Andersen Viena / fFlute(2-5)
- Marcus Viana / vocals, violins, keyboards, Tympani
- Miriam Rugani Vianna / harp (10)
- Sebastião Vianna / flute (10)
Releases information

CD Sonhos & Sons SSCD002 (1991) Brazil


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