Now we face a fine SAGRADO album containing 3 noticeable features: a song which was a radio hit in Brazil, a rare deed for a progressive band; great general production and splendid musicianship by band members, with Marcus Viana’s violin plying steadily over all; and a real and definite band bound toward symphonic prog with captivating touches of folk (South American and Celtic) and classics. All tracks are above average, very hearable and certain moments are really jaw-breaking.

As mentioned before, SAGRADO’s “Farol Da Liberdade” left behind the new wave and poppish sounds seen in their previous album and followed the symphonic renaissance trail that is much more in accordance with band members curricula. Lyrics are in Portuguese, with one exception, and I assure that they are fair, touchy, meaningful, and sometimes poignant – vocals transmit softly the poetry emotion.

’Dança das fadas’ is a good overture, a bit sad intro with the violin weeping before Celtic tunes invade the track. The general atmosphere then is clearly joyous and uplifting. After a strange proclamation the dance of the fairies overwhelms the song with charming female vocals.

‘Solidariedade’ starts blending folk and balladesque harmonies, violin transform the song into a notorious symphonic track, very pleasant. From the middle part up to the end the hearer is confronted by a flurry of neat progressive tunes, well placed, including also a smooth choir and an impacting finishing. ‘Amor selvagem’ begins purely classic, band’s influence taken from past masters and more specifically from Italian composers is disposed gently. Lyrics are amazing, vocals and instrumental arrangement contributing hugely to create a dream-like ambient.

‘Pantanal’, the cited radio hit, brings a strong symphonic appeal with folk pigments - again, lyrics do a great work here, rediscovering the Americas 500 years later. The main theme changes abruptly to a typical rock moment, only to give room to an exquisite and remarkable ending. The short ‘Olivia’ is a nice interlude amidst such thunderous tracks.

’Farol da liberdade’, the title-track, weakens a bit album direction – pseudo- neo-prog does not combine properly with SAGRADO's sound. ‘Raio e trovão’ is agreeable but the pretentious folk approach has little impact. Instrumental parts with violin, guitars and keyboards dueling save the track.

’The Central Sun of the Universe’, the only song with English lyrics, provides the album with a great closure. Everything now works almost perfectly, the choir in Portuguese, the pastoral flute solo, the piano accompaniment, the ever-present majestic violin and much more. The song bears the notorious and distinguished band signature, the moment when they act like an orchestra. Male vocals have the clear Brazilian accent which in this case adds some enchantment to the song; female vocals bring some flair of the dear BACAMARTE’s Jane Duboc singer. All beauty perceived along the track is trimmed by a grandiose finale.

SAGRADO CORAÇÃO DA TERRA stood and stand still as a luminescent landmark in the Brazilian, South American, and I dare to say, World progressive music ground and “Farol Da Liberdade”, their 3rd studio album, is indeed an outstanding production just bordering masterpiece realm, a more than recommended addition to any (prog) music collection. - Review by Atkingani ("Guigo" A. Barros)

Track Listings

1. Dança das fadas (5:00)
2. Solidariedade (4:58)
3. Amor selvagem (3:41)
4. Pantanal (4:41)
5. Olivia (1:38)
6. Farol da liberdade (4:29)
7. Raio e trovao (3:45)
8. The central sun of the universe (11:33)

Total Time: 39:45

- Lincoln Cheib / drums
- Ivan Correia / bass
- Ronaldo Pelhicano / keyboards
- Augusto Rennó / guitars
- Paula Santoro / vocals
- Andersen Viana / flutes
- Marcus Viana / vocals, violins, keyboards
- Sebastiao Viana / flute
Releases information

CD Sonhos & Sons SSCD004 (1991) Brazil
CD King Records KICP2726 (1993) Japan


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