My voyage to discover ELOY was quite exhausting yet rewarding. I happened to think that I had already went through most of the English and American prog rock and I started a journey through the Eastern Europe prog. At that time, I had already listened to GROBSCHNITT's "Solar Music", and I thought there could never be anything more fascinating and impressive that very recording. I tried to fetch more German prog and I was recommended to get some works from AMON DÜÜL II, GURU GURU and TRIUMVIRAT, these were passed on to me through the usual prog channels and I was quite amazed by "Dance of the Flames" and "Illusions on a Double Dimple" but never as musically outraged as with ELOY.

My curiosity certainly paid off when I bumped into "Silent Cries and Mighty Echoes". Firstly, I am a helpless fan of the sound of fine keyboards, and Detlev SCHMIDTCHEN earned a spot within my favorite musicians with what he performed in "The Apocalypse"; the best extended suite I ever listened to, right after "Echoes" by PINK FLOYD of course; magnificently entwined with the psychedelic ambience and the provocative instrumentation it's got.

ELOY quickly became one of my favorite bands not only because of its impetuosity and brightness, but for its visionary trend. This German band goes far from the vertiginous musical evolutions and clearly challenges the bands to come to update and improve day by day; ELOY was absolutely one step ahead and one closer to its own era, showing quite an impeccable instrument playing and execution at the time the musical resources were obviously limited due the technological advances.

"Silent Cries and Mighty Echoes" is as essential as almost perfect. It is relentless to your ears, you will never cease of surprising your senses with it. There is no recommendation to be made in here, this album is suggestive from beginning to end. There's no need to say something else, simply wonderful. - Review by landberkdoten (Alberto Ramos)

Track Listings

1. Astral Entrance (3:03)
2. Master Of Sensation (6:00)
3. The Apocalypse (14:54)
a) Silent Cries Divide The Night
b) The Vision Burning
c) Force Majeure
4. Pilot To Paradise (7:01)
5. De Labore Solis (5:12)
6. Mighty Echoes (7:16)

Bonus tracks on remastered edition:
7. Child Migration (4:05)
8. Let the Sun Rise in my Brain (3:29)

Total Time: 51:00

- Frank Bornemann / guitars, vocals
- Klaus-Peter Matziol / bass, pedals, chorus
- Jürgen Rosenthal / drums, percussion
- Detlev Schmidtchen / keyboards, chorus
- Brigitte Witt / vocals (2b)
Releases information

LP EMI Electrola - 1C 064-45 269 (
LP EMI Electrola - 1C 038-15 7579 1
CA EMI Electrola - 1C 264-45 269
CD EMI Electrola - CDP 538-7 92021 2


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