Eloy - Live (1978)

One of the hidden treasures from the Prog island, recorded in 1978 on tour, on the waves of unique and excellent “Ocean”, it captured Eloy in a conceptual concert based on story of rise and fall of Atlantis, as a reminder of what could happen in the end to us all. Lineup that would make one more progressive gem, 1979 “Silent Cries and Mighty Echoes”, have made an ethereal atmosphere, saved on this record. Spoken introductions, long instrumental passages based mostly on keyboard sound together with melodic bass lines and crying guitar solos, and simple but captivating singing with mystical and unreal lyrics, carries listener to voyage to outer space of mind.

In music of Eloy, all musicians and instruments have their leading and supporting roles. Even bass and drums are used not to be rhythm section, but to contribute in making a spacey atmosphere. Songs are interpreted close to studio versions, and I believe there are two main reasons for that. First is that studio versions are already long enough that there is no need to prolong it by unnecessary improvisations, and the second was intention that lineup that recorded studio version must be in position to play it live on scene, for it is one of the characteristics of progressive music. The only thing that may be under someone’s expectations is singing in English with strong German accent, but that’s how the story goes when someone sings in foreign language. Lineup present on this live record is one that is responsible for great studio issues in 1976-1979 period, with only guitar player left from past times and who would waves the Eloy flag to present times.

The record starts with first half of 1977 “Ocean” album. “Poseidon’s Creation” opens with brief spoken prologue, not present on studio version, and after 5 minutes of instrumental introduction to song and 3 minutes of sung introduction to story, ends with 3 minutes guitar solo. “Incarnation of Legos” is introduced with 4 minutes of mutually sung and spoken words, and after 2 minutes keyboard solo, ends with 3 minutes keyboard and vocal part. Music continues with two tracks from 1976 “Dawn” album. Keyboard and bass dominated “The Sun-song” is prolonged 4 minutes with German spoken introduction, while “The Dance in Doubt and Fear” contains some fine guitar and keyboard soloing. The middle part ends with classic “Mutiny” track from 1975 “Power and the Passion” album, and with “Gliding into Light and Knowledge” keyboard and vocal song from “Dawn”, flawlessly leading into more guitar soloing “Inside” from 1973 “Inside” album. Record concludes with last and longest track from “Ocean”, “Atlantis’ Agony” that starts with 10 minutes spacey keyboards intro interrupted occasionally with few spoken words, and after some fine bass supported chanting and keyboard soloing, ends with keyboards harmonies, guitar soloing, singing that once again reminds us that “we are particles in the ocean”, and finally keyboard and guitar conclusion.

I must say that I had luck to met a friend at the start of 80’s who introduced many German bands to me, like Eloy, Jane, Grobschnitt, Brainticket, Birth Control, Nektar, Epitaph, and to this very day, those music stayed as something special, quite good, and at the same moment quite different from other progressive groups. And among them, Eloy always had a special treatment. That’s the reason why this review is somehow longer, for music absolutely deserves it.

I recommend this record to everyone who already likes 70’s sounding Eloy, for it successfully captured band alive at the peak of creativity. For ones who are new to Eloy, first try albums from 1973-1979 period, and then if You like it, dig out this one. - Review by cedo (Cedomir Bjeletic)

Track Listings

1. Poseidon's Creation (11:37)
2. Incarnation Of Logos (8:46)
3. The Sun-song (8:30)
4. The Dance In Doubt And Fear (7:36)
5. Mutiny (9:56)
6a. Gliding Into Light And Knowledge (4:24)
6b. Inside (6:34)
7. Atlantis' Agony At June 5th - 8498, 13 p.m. Gregorian Earthtime (20:54)

Total Time: 78:17

- Frank Bornemann / vocals, guitars
- Klaus-Peter Matziol / bass, vocals
- Jürgen Rosenthal / drums, percussion, voice
- Detlev Schmidtchen / keyboards
Releases information

Recorded Live On Tour During March 1978
2LP EMI Electrola - 1C 164-32 934/35
CA EMI Electrola - 1C 464-32 936
CD EMI Electrola - 1C 538-7 48503 2


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