Trem Do Futuro - Trem Do Futuro (1995)

TREM DO FUTURO has released an only album so far. The album is quite fine, full of beautiful passages afforded by splendid flute tunes and majestic guitars, that delight the ears. I also appreciate the vocals, which are sung in portuguese language. For those who can latch unto the language, will surely perceive the lyrics are plenty of poetical qualities. It's also worth mentioning this band was formed by 6 young and talented musicians from the state of Ceará in the Northeast of Brazil, whose region has no tradition on Progressive Rock Music. though it is richly musical on many others tendencies, specially toward the local folklore. So listening to this album is a stunning opportunity of breaking away a bit from the english language's sway and know somewhat new and quite original. - Review by ADejesusmotta

Track Listings

1. Vagao 1 - Requiem Da Louca (6:22)
2. Mental Fisica (4:30)
3. Revolucao Das Flores (5:05)
4. Labirinto - Danca Dos lirios (5:33)
5. Bivar (3:43)
6. Moksha (3:24)
7. Sila (4:57)
8. O Anjo (6:53)
9. A Louca (6:05)
10. Entree (0:54)

Total Time: 47:26

- Gilmar Moura / keyboards
- Marcelo Macedo / guitars
- Marcos Bye Bye / drums
- Paulo Rossglow / vocals
- Jomar Sergio / bass
- Vlissea Germano / flute
Releases information

CD Progressive Rock Worldwide PRW 021


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