I Califfi - Fiore Di Metallo (1973)

Severely forgotten Italprog blending excellent analog keyboard shapes & sounds with excellent vocals (sung in Italian) and scrumptious guitar work. "Fiore Di Metallo" contains some highly memorable songs which are played with warmth (mainly due to their lovely keyboard work) and create some wonderful atmospheres. I CALIFFI were way ahead of their time and in a very foreboding sense bring forward many of the sound elements found later in rock. This is a highly complete album in many ways... soft vs loud, symphonic vs harder rock, acoustic vs electric... If you enjoy the classic Italian prog sounds then without a question "Fiore Di Metallo" is essential in your collection. - Review by loserboy (James Unger)

Track Listings

1. Nel Mio Passato (5:10)
2. Fiore Finto, Fiore Di Metallo (3:35)
3. Alleluia Gente (4:45)
4. Varius (5:10)
5. Felicità, Sorriso E Pianto (4:05)
6. A Piedi Scalzi (3:13)
7. Madre, Domani ... (4:25)
8. Col Vento Nei Capelli (3:48)
9. Campane (5:10)

Total Time: 39:21

- Sandro Cinotti / organ, piano, synthesizer
- Vincenzo Amadei / guitars, vocals
- Franco Boldrini / bass, synthesizer, vocals
- Maurizio Boldrini / drums, percussion, vocals
Releases information

CD Fonit Cetra CDLP 420 (1991)


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