Nektar - Remember the Future (1974)

This is the all time winner of the NEKTAR studio releases and should have a high rated position in every prog rock collection. 'Remember the future' is a concept album about an alien called Bluebird who comes to mother earth. The production is brillant because it rrrrocks, has also psychedelic and jamming parts. And it never gets monotonous because it has a complex well organized structure. Albrightons guitar is not so dominant as in other NEKTAR productions and therefore the keyboard (Hammond) gets a better rule.

I bought the bellaphon release maybe 10 years ago and when I put it into my player I was very very disappointed. The guitar was terribly mixed into the background (The label did not use the original album master - oh - please bring back my vinyl!).

But 'Remember the future' was fortunately reissued in 2004 by NEKTAR with a much better sound quality based on the original tapes. They also added 3 bonus tracks - nothing new - don't know if this is really necessary - we have just new edits from the existing stuff: a shorter outtake so called 'west german edit', 'Lonely roads' as the closing section of Part I and 'Let it grow' the same of Part II.

Highly recommended for all NEKTAR neebies ... - Review by Rivertree (Uwe Zickel)

Track Listings

1. Remember the future (part I) 16:38
a) Images of the past
b) Wheel of time
c) Remember the future
d) Confusion/
2. Remember the future (part II) 18:55
e) Returning light
f) Questions and answers
g) Tomorrow never comes
h) Path of light
i) Recognition
j) Let it grow

Total Time: 35:33

Bonus Tracks:

3. Remember The Future (edit) 9:51
4. Lonely Roads (single edit) 3:50
5. Let It Grow (single edit) 2:19

- Roye Albrighton / lead vocals, guitars
- Mick Brockett / lights
- Allan "Taff" Freeman / keyboards, backing vocals
- Ron Howden / drums, percussion, backing vocals
- Derek "Mo" Moore / bass, backing vocals
Releases information

CD. Bellaphon 289-09-001 (1989)
CD. Dream Nebula DNECD 1204 (2004) with bonus tracks

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i also bought the bacilus/belaphon cd release in the early nineties and felt exactly the same way... terrible mix!!!! had to make a cd copy of my passport LP... great album and finally a decent remaster.

3 de maio de 2008 11:50  

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