Mangala Vallis - The Book of Dreams (2002)

MANGALA VALIS are a three piece band from Italy who took their name from a place in a Jules Verne novel.Actually this record is a concept album that is dedicated to the great french writer Jules Verne.There are 6 guest musicians taking part on this record including 3 singers. Things start with "Overture" a short, spacey,haunting instrumental."Is the End the Beginning?" features the vocals of Matteo Setti, who sounds so much like Neal Morse that you would think your listening to a SPOCKS BEARD tune.This is an uptempo song with organ,drums and guitar leading the way,with some good bass lines as well.3 and a half minutes in the melody stops except for the waves of mellotron,and then back to the original melody.Again he sounds so much like Mr.Morse.Matteo sings again on the second song "The Book Of Dreams" that opens with drums and mellotron,as the keyboards come in.There is more of a GENESIS sound to this one,and some vocal arrangments that bring to mind GENTLE GIANT."The Journey" is the longest song,and features Vic Fraja on vocals.I like his vocals the best of the three,he reminds me of the singer for MARYGOLD.The song opens with acoustic guitar,vocals and a keyboard melody.Things change 4 minutes in with some nice guitar melodies and drums as the keys swirl about.About 5 minutes go by before we hear Vic sing again as the soundscape becomes quite dreamy the rest of the way."Days Of Light" is such a good song.With Vic again on vocals,this one has GENESIS written all over it,right from the first notes.This is a slower paced song that is so uplifting at times,and features two sax solos."Under the Sea" is an instrumental with some good ripping guitar,mellotron and drums, as again the keyboard swirls about.Organ comes in later."Asha (coming back home)" is next, and it almost sounds like Phil Collins singing,but it's Vic again.This song is another highlight on the album,so uplifting,and yes it's GENESIS sounding."A New Century" features Bernardo Lanzetti from PFM on vocals.This sounds so much like GENESIS with the acoustic guitar and mellotron.Things change 4 minutes in as it gets dark and serious but that doesn't last for too long before we have some wonderful,uplifting guitar. I really like this record,i know for some it probably sounds too much like GENESIS,but i highly recommend it.A great debut for the band! - Review by sinkadotentree (john davie)

Track Listings

1. Ouverture (1:40)
2. Is the End the Beginning? (9:30)
3. The Book of Dreams (7:07)
4. The Journey (12:14)
5. Days of Light (9:06)
6. Under the Sea (3:36)
7. Asha (Coming Back Home)(8:24)
8. A New Century (10:22)

Total Time: 61:59

- Gigi Cavalli Cocchi / drums, percussions (Remo, Paiste, Vic Firth)
- Enzo Cattini / Hammond C-3 w/Leslie, Minimoog-D, Mellotron M-400, Akai S-2000, E-MU Vintage Keys, Gem S-3
- Mirco Consolini / guitars & bass

- Matteo Setti / vocals (2, 3)
- Stefano Menato / saxophone (5)
- Vic Fraja / vocals (4 - 5, 7)
- Elisa Giordanella / viola (2, 6)
- Bernardo Lanzetti (PFM) / vocals (8)
- Kimberly Duke / narrator
Releases information

CD-Tamburo Avapore-TAVR 012001-Ita-2002

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