With this second album (to the best of my knowledge), Magna Carta fails to confirm whatever the fans where expecting from them. All the more when this writer thought that their debut album lacked energy and self-involvment (in terms of virtuosity, power and songwriting), they more than proved me right with this album.

Again with a five star-studded cast of guests (Potter, Wakeman and Thompson!!!!) , Magna Carta fail to deliver the goods and obviously there is more than one rotten apple in this crate (makes you wonder about the Wastie's Orchard ;-). Maybe I am slmightly exagerating , but this is to get my point across more clearly. again, the group seems happy to settle for a Simon And Garfunkel-type of sound and harmonies, but unfortunately often come to mimick the mythic duo rather than built upon their greatness.

Even if not everything is bad in this album, (most tracks are still pleasannt to hear as background music), it is hard to be enthousiastic about this. so I will not try to entice. Best avoidedreally. - Review by Sean Trane (Hugues Chantraine)

Track Listings

1. Time for Leaving (4:01)
2. Beyond the Isle of Skye (2:54)
3. Sponge (instrumental) (2:24)
4. Sunday on the River (3:32)
5. Good Morning Sun (2:42)
6. Home Groan (2:23)
7. The Bridge at Knaresborough Town (4:56)
8. White Show Dove (2:09)
9. Parliament Hill (2:45)
10. Wayfaring (3:48)
11. Down Along Up (2:09)
12. Country Jam (1:53)

Total Time: 35:36

- Chris Simpson / guitars, vocals, percussion
- Glenn Stuart / vocals
- Davey Johnstone / guitar, vocals

Guest musicians
- Ron Chesterman / bass
- Heather Corbett / percussion
- Chris Laurence / bass
- Nic Potter / bass
- Danny thompson / bass
- Johnnie van Derrick / violin
- Tony Visconti / bass, percussion
- Rick Wakeman / keyboards
Releases information

Vertigo 6360 040
CD 1994 UK Repertoire Records REP 4447-WP


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