Another masterpiece from Italy. I review only masterpiece? No, it is clear. But in this cese yes. Because "Generazioni (Storia Di Sempre)" is a very fine album.Complesso E.A. Poe recorded this masterpiece in 1974 and produced a very mellow album. A very fine Symphonic mellow album. This is a fine mix of Renaissance, PFM, New Trolls and VDGG but with more Romantic vein (eh, eh...T he RPI is the acronym of Power Romantic Prog or Mellow Romantic prog). In the case of Complesso E.A. Poe this mellow vein produced a very good Power Prog (listen to the ballad "Per Un'Anima", "Alla Ricerca Di Una Dimensione", the sweet "La Ballata Del Cane Infelice" or "Generazioni"). The use of acoustic guitar and organ or moog create a carpet of emotions that the good voice of Giorgio Foti increases and that the little insertions of electric guitar amplifiers. The writing of the songs are very fine and it shows a search for the not banal that, however, is banal because is easy to write this music for the authors. That they compel to use a light arrengements. Another point of force is the production because isn't invading, limiting itself almost to the mix of the various instruments.

For me "Generazioni (Storia Di Sempre)" is still a winning album also because is aged too well. And, for sure, because the writing isn't banal and the emotions that "Generazioni (Storia Di Sempre)" provoke are very genuine. - Review by Mandrakeroot (Andrea Salvador)

Track Listings

1. Prologo
2. Considerazioni
3. Per un'anima
4. Alla ricerca.....
5. Ad un vecchio
6. La ballata del cane
7. Generazioni

Total Time: 34:31

- Giorgio Foti / keyboards, vocals
- Beppe Ronco / guitar, mandolin
- Lello Foti / drums
+ Marco Maggi / bass
Releases information

LP Kansas, 5300 503 A (1974) / CD Vinyl Magic, VM027 (1991)


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