Gryphon - Midnight Mushrumps (1974)

I first saw Gryphon open for YES on the Relayer tour in 1974. Their first album was mostly acoustic and very folky. Here with Midnight Mushrumps they've taken the next step, and it works out very well. The title track is a piece that Richard Harvey Keyboards/Recorder) was commissioned to write for a stage production of Shakespeare's "The Tempest". It's a really lovely piece, and evokes all sorts of images that you just don't get from other music. One of the most unique pieces I've ever heard -- and I've heard alot. At about 18 minutes long it served as great background mood music in my college days (nudge-nudge, grin-grin).

I kept listening to Gryphon until about 1978 (Raindance, then Treason) and then I lost track of them. I did however see Richard Harvey play Recorder in a semi-classical show at Royal Albert Hall/London in 1979 and he was great! I thought I'd never find this this one on CD, and by getting the first album "Gryphon" + "Midnight Mushrumps" together you can't go wrong - Review by bedford7

Side 1
1. Midnight Mushrumps (18:58)
Side 2
2. The Ploughboy's Dream (3:02)
3. The Last Flash of Gaberdine Tailor (3:58)
4. Gulland Rock (5:21)
5. Dubbel Dutch (5:36)
6. Ethelion (5:15)

Total Time: 42:10

- Richard Harvey / recorders, krumhörns, harmonium, pipe organ, grand piano, harpsicord, electric and toys piano, keyboards, gloskenspiel, mandolin, vocals
- Brian Gulland / bassoon, Bass, krumhörns, tenor recorders, all keys on "Gulland Rock", vocals
- David Oberlé / drums, timpani, percussion, lead vocals
- Graeme Taylor / acoustic, electric semi acoustic and classical guitars, vocals
- Philip Nestor / bass guitar, vocals


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